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MOVEMBER ....it is all about you!

...time to look and feel your best!

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155 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA  95060

(831) 566-8062
Two Blocks up from the downtown
 Clock Tower

Keep Looking Great in 2014!

"Man! It  is time to check your personal engine is in prime condition"

November 29, 2014

Support your local Biz!

Accept the Challenge:
for only 21 days.
  • Give up Soda, drink Water and Safe Money
  • Less Sugar

  • More Vegetables

  • If going out to dinner try to park far away, you will need the walk
  • .
  • Return grocery carts to its place, it will burn calories.

  • Eat a good breakfast

  • Start making your own coffee at home

  • Smile and Say "Hi" to a stranger

Go a little bit Crazy and try something new

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Professional Look

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